Punchy new boats for German sea rescuers

Wolfgang Wiese – one of two more 10m boats for the DGzRS. Wolfgang Wiese – one of two more 10m boats for the DGzRS.

Two more 10 metre Class state-of-the-art rescue boats have gone into operation with Germany’s DGzRS sea rescue service and two further newbuilds will join them soon, reports Tom Todd.

Fritz Thieme entered service on the East Frisian island of  Wangerooge and sister Wolfgang Wiese in Timmendorf east on the German Baltic.

Ten of the boats were ordered as part of fleet modernisation: seven from the east German Tamsen Maritim Werft on the Warnow and three from Fassmer Schiffswerft on the Weser. Five are now at sea while two more, SRB 71 and SRB 72, are being completed by Tamsen in July and October- one a training boat .

Another two boats –SRB73 and 74 - follow in January and in the first half of 2019 and a final boat –SRB 75 – in October 2020. All are from Tamsen, pointing up the increasingly important east Baltic role of the yard for the DGzRS.

The new aluminium 10m Class boats are modified versions of the old 9.5-10.1m Class. They are 3.6m wide, draw 0.96m and displace just eight tons. DGzRS spokesman Christian Stipeldey told Maritime Journal they are faster than the earlier boats with Cummins 6 BTA 5.9 M engines and a single propeller providing about 380hp and 20 knots instead of the 320hp and 18 knots of some older boats.

He said the new boats were also stronger, roomier and quieter than their predecessors. The DGzRS added they were also equipped with state-of-the-art navigation technology, powerful tow and pump gear and comprehensive medical facilities

In Autumn Fassmer delivers SK 39 - the sixth in a 20m Class of small sea rescue cruiser. Among other things it will have a water cannon with a capability of 2,300 litres/minute.

Like its19.9m long and 5.05m wide predecessor Berthold Beitz, which entered  service last December, SK 39 is expected to be propelled by a Caterpillar C 32 ACERT DITTA engine providing 22 knots over a fixed Schaffran five-blade propeller.

Also like Berthold Beitz it will carry a 5m long and 2m wide polyethylene RBB from Finland’s Arctic Airboats.

Christian Stipeldey told Maritime Journal that after SK 39, the service planned to order a Further newbuilding currently tagged SK 40 which would be the fourth ship in a 28m Class of boats.

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