Pavilions & Trails

Dedicated pavilions and trails will make your visit to Seawork much easier, as these will help you to quickly identify exhibitors, conferences and seminars of particular interest. As a visitor, you can make best use of your time and fast-track your journey through the exhibition.

Trails are highlighted with particular logos printed on exhibitors’ fascia boards. Look out for these as you walk down the exhibition aisles to locate the companies of interest to you. These exhibitors will also be listed in the printed catalogue, so ensure you collect one when you arrive.

Pavilions are a grouping of similar companies placed together at the exhibition - visit the pavilions to meet these exhibitors conveniently! Full details of the exhibitors in each pavilion will be included in the printed catalogue.


A showcase for the commercial underwater industry, covering all sectors of offshore, inshore and inland activity.

DiveWork consists of a pavilion and a trail. It also includes a DiveTank on the quayside where the latest underwater equipment and services will be demonstrated. Look for the DiveWork logo in the catalogue and around the exhibition for relevant stands, berths, conferences and seminars.

Features include:

Manufacture or supply of diving equipment or clothing, such as ROVs, AUVs, underwater cameras and breathing apparatus
The design, build or operation of dive or survey vessels
Seabed inspection, survey and salvage
Marine civil engineering projects within the coastal marine and harbour or inland waterway environments
The installation or maintenance of coastal or inshore structures such as windfarms or wave and current measurement devices
Training facilities and dive schools involved in safety or security
Full Dive Tank Programme


This trail of companies includes wind farm service vessels, marine civil engineering companies, professional divers, safety equipment suppliers and many more.

The Marine Renewable Trail groups organisations in the renewable energy sector, which is crucial in such a climate where renewable energy is becoming much more important in the marine industry. Make the most of this opportunity to locate these exhibitors quickly by following the trail - there is a list by company name and stand number in the catalogue of all companies that fall within this category.


With a focus on skills and learning, this pavilion and trail gives visitors the chance to explore training employment and education opportunitites within the commercial marine sector.

Returning once again is the Maritime Training Pavilion. With a focus on skills and learning, this pavilion and trail around the exhibition gives visitors the chance to explore training, employment and education opportunities within the commercial marine industry. Specialist recruitment companies, education centres and training organisations offer expert advice on how to start and maintain a successful maritime career.

This ties in with the Maritime Training & Skills day which will be held on Thursday in Atlantic Hall.


RIBWork is a showcase for RIB designers, builders and operators and those who manufacture and supply equipment to the commerical RIB market.

Visitors can look for the RIBWork logo to fast-track their way to stands, berths, conferences and seminars of interest. In addition to covering everything from personnel carriers to defence related RIBs, RibWork features the increasingly sophisticated range of engines, transmission systems and safety equipment associated with these versatile crafts.

RIBWork is Seawork’s response to the RIB industry’s support of the exhibition, with an ever-increasing number of manufacturers of vessels, engines, transmissions, electronics and safety equipment in attendance.


Seawork’s new Superyacht Build, Repair and Refit Trail is being launched as the exhibition is ideally positioned to support the requirements of the complexities of the vessels. These vessels often share the needs of design, propulsion and support, and require a similar skillset from professionals across vessel and port operations, engineering through to commercial diving.

The superyacht build, repair and refit trail will feature representation from naval architects, ship builders and engineers, through to navigation and equipment manufacturers. The sophisticated materials and techniques used to build large vessels demonstrate a clear overlap between commercial marine and the superyacht sector, as do the designers and builders, who cater for similar challenges whilst developing these complex vessels. Seawork’s international audience encompasses vessel and port operators, through to engineers and commercial divers.

Landau UK’s Chief Executive, Ben Metcalfe, comments, ‘We believe exhibiting at Seawork International is one of the most efficient ways for us to hear what commercial marine customers and suppliers might need from us right now. Bringing additional focus to the superyacht sector is ideal for us, as our offerings are used across commercial, leisure and superyacht audiences. It’s PRESS RELEASE also a great platform for us to network with like-minded individuals, showcase our latest products and services and get feedback from purchasers and end users alike.” The global superyacht market is promising a robust increase of 7.26% CAGR* 2017-2022. with motorised yachts and long-range expedition vessels anticipated to see maximum growth.

Global shipbuilding giant and Seawork exhibitor, Netherlands’ Damen Shipyards, is attracting notable orders for its customised fast crew boat, the 50m FCS 5009, which achieves 27.5kn and seats up to 58 passengers. This versatile vessel delivers military through to superyacht support tender operations; demonstrating the shift where workboat design and build overlaps with the needs of the superyacht sector.



The Society of Maritime Industries (SMI) has partnered with the Seawork Exhibition in their newly revitalised Shipyard Pavilion. The SMI is the trade association of the UK’s maritime engineering and business sector promoting and supporting companies working in this global and dynamic sector.

Tom Chant, Director at the SMI, said “We are always looking for ways to interact with our membership and create more contacts and awareness of the SMI’s work.  Seawork brings together a concentration of the UK industry and we are looking forward to supporting our members and tapping into this annual focal point for the commercial marine industry.”

The newly named SMI Shipyard Pavilion is open to all companies and can accommodate 8 companies in the exhibition pods and further companies in the surrounding graphics area.  Each company will benefit from the shared meeting space and planned networking reception.  If you’re interested in joining the SMI Shipyard Pavilion please contact Tom Chant 020 7628 2555 or the Seawork sales team on 01329 825335 or email