RibQuest says, “At Seawork last year we displayed RibQuest’s flagship vessel, the 12m ‘Velocity’ class. The straight line slingshot performance of speeds over 70+ knots is as dramatic as it is unrivalled and her thoroughbred racing DNA is undeniable; as is her assured seakeeping at high  speeds and her sheer beautiful presence; reminiscent of a Formula 1 racing car

“Velocity”, powered by 3 x 300hp Yamaha engines has already broken records,  most notably the Round Anglesey record by a breath-taking 20 minutes; that required a full circumnavigation of the island in 1hr 02mins and 16 seconds and Velocity comfortably broke the previous time of 1 hour 21 minutes and 09 seconds.

This world beating jump in capability and performance did not go unnoticed and it was not long before Team INEOS UK came knocking at RibQuest’s door – rightly seeing Velocity as one of the few vessels that would be able to keep pace with the blisteringly fast AC 75 vessels selected to compete for the next Americas Cup (as well as carry a full load of passengers and considerable load of support equipment).

For the future we are looking to build a smaller 9m version of the revolutionary Velocity design allowing practical road transportability while sacrificing none of the speed, seakeeping and grace of the design.

There are many RIBs on the market today and many are fast, many are also good in a seaway and some even manage to look good.  We believe that the RibQuest stable of vessels more than fulfils all three requirements.  RibQuest prides itself on delivering revolutionary hull design, harnessing and refining real power and blending it with ground-breaking technology to produce a world leading product; as an example the INEOS Velocity class comes fitted with an 11KW side thruster system to assist close quarter handling and well as full 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity to keep the data flowing both ways.  In practice this capability enables the shore team at INEOS to maintain real time data flows to and from Britannia.

SeaWork 2020

A 9 metre version of the Velocity class (V9) is in the last stages of the design phase and we are excited to be launching this RIB at Speed and SeaWork 2020.  We will showcase the V9 as a fast and exhilarating RibRide boat. This design will bring all the strength, speed and performance of the 12m hull form but brings with it practical road transportability.

There will also be a cabin variant of both designs allowing the prospect of all-weather / longer range vessels or if required, a private client cabin.”