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  • Exceptional vision for a fast vessel

    Norwegian operator, Umoe Mandal, has purchased six External Panorama Pantograph heavy duty windscreen wipers from UK based DuroWipers to equip a newbuild Surface Effect Ship (SES). 02 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Many questions, one 'Solution'

    It might sound simple: having one capable, well-worked vessel, Netherlands-based DUC Marine went about designing another. However, the ‘Solution’ has had to resolve some conflicting demands. 02 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Kentish Flats connects to grid

    During August, Swedish renewable energy company Vattenfall announced that it has produced the first power to the National Grid from the Kentish Flats Extension (KFE) offshore wind farm in the UK North Sea. 02 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Minesto 'Deep Green' technology rides the waves of progress

    Hot on the heels of the recent news that Swedish tidal energy outfit Minesto has received an additional €3.5M from KIC InnoEnergy, late last month the company's board has also revealed that it has decided to apply to list shares in the company on First North at NASDAQ Stockholm 'and conduct a new issue of units directed to the public in Sweden of approximately EUR 10 million.' 02 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Cheetah exporting

    Among a string of exports this summer, UK catamaran workboat builder Cheetah Marine reports that it has delivered two 7.9m hydrographic survey vessels. 02 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Harbour Closure Orders

    According to Andrew Oldland QC, partner at UK-based Michelmores Solicitors, recent changes to legislation have made it possible for Statutory Harbour Authorities (SHA) to apply for Harbour Closure Orders (HCO). 02 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Shallow Survey 2015

    The UK Hydrographic Office and the Maritime Coastguard Agency, joint organisers of the 7th biennial shallow water survey conference involving detailed assessments of a common dataset derived from testing of individual multibeam systems, report a successful world gathering last month at Plymouth University attended by over 200 delegates. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Hydro 2015

    Developing sustainable hydrography in Africa and elsewhere is one of the principal themes of the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies' 23rd Hydro conference at Cape Town's International Convention Centre from 23-25 November. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • UK west coast offshore surveys

    Bibby HydroMap, the UK-based hydrographic and land survey organisation, reports successful completion of major surveys for the €30m Swedish-owned Deep Green tidal current marine energy project offshore Holyhead, west of Anglesey, UK. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • 3D map of Antarctica

    Germany’s Alfred Wegener Institute, the Helmholtz Centre for Polar & Marine Research (AWI) and Dresden Technical University’s Instititute for Cartography have jointly produced a 3D map of the Antarctic continent and the seafloor of the Southern Ocean. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Shell commissions DeepOcean ROV services

    DeepOcean, the Norwegian offshore services organisation with subsidiary concerns in Brazil, Holland, Mexico, Singapore and the UK, has been commissioned by Shell for provision of ROV-based survey services in the North Sea under a three-year contract plus options. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Omani continental shelf contract for Gardline CGG

    Gardline CGG, the Anglo-French specialist survey organisation based in Singapore, has been awarded a contract by Oman’s Foreign Affairs Ministry for studies of a proposed extension to its continental shelf limits in accordance with UN Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) regulations. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Teledyne Reson extends SeaBat range

    Teledyne Reson has extended its range of SeaBat sounders with introduction of a miniature high-resolution forward-looking sonar system, SeaBat 7130. The American-owned Danish company says it is primarily intended for use on AUV/UUVs while also being applicable for ROVs and small submarines 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • IMCA revises offshore multibeam guidelines

    The Offshore Survey Division of the International Marine Contractors Asssociation, the UK-based trade organisation representing over 1,000 companies in more than 60 countries, has revised its Guidelines for Use of Multibeam Echosounders for Offshore Surveys. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Surprisingly Chinese

    Dutch heavy winch specialist Huisman has seen its Zhangzhou facility deliver its hundredth crane, which belies the usual idea about Chinese manufacturing quality being an issue. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Big doesn’t always mean safe

    When it comes to deck gear, “big and heavy does not necessarily mean good and safe”, Andy Ash-Vie of Harken told 'MJ'. Further, while there’s some recent moves to reduce its weight this is “often not thought through far enough”. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Capable ‘girls’ for Titan

    Two solid, capable ‘girls’ have won SMT CEO Fabio Berto’s heart. Like many good relationships, it’s the result of working steadily through the issues with tenacity - and a little extra creativity. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Cold water pull for Pella tug

    The Pella built PS-45 multifunction rescue tug being kitted out in the Leningrad shipyard (Russian Federation) has a very broad set of operations to cover, piling pressure on the towing kit which has to deal with high loads on the line – and ice on the deck. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • LNG support urged as Helgoland enters service

    Europe’s first LNG ferry is on track for service from October as Germany’s maritime industry urges Berlin to do more to promote investment in LNG as an alternative fuel in shipping. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Breakwater construction nears completion

    The 350m long Cowes breakwater structure in the UK is nearing the end of the construction process by contractor Boskalis Westminster. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • Calshot Spit Light Float receives a new lease of life

    One of the UK’s most iconic navigational aids has been given a new lease of life thanks to ABP Southampton. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal

  • VSTEP launches new simulator

    VSTEP has launched its latest Advanced Fire Fighting Simulator for shipboard incidents. 01 Oct 2015 - Maritime Journal